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  • Stop calling people who practice palm reading, scrying, and tarot readings g*psies
  • Stop calling women who wear head scarves and flowing skirts and metal jewelry g*psies
  • Stop calling nomadic people g*psies
  • Stop calling free-spirited people g*psies
  • Stop calling hippies g*psies
  • Stop using the term g*psy in your title, header, url or links you put on posts
  • Stop thinking that Hollywood “g*psies” are actual accurate representations of the Romani people

Fun facts about the word g*psy

  • It’s a slur
  • If you’re a white bread kid calling yourself a g*psy it’s bullshit and racist
  • If you know people of Roma descent and they say g*psy, that’s their right because it is a word that they can choose to reclaim or use but you can’t (think of it like the “n” word. You may now POC’s that use it but you shouldn’t if you aren’t a POC because that’s not right)
  • The term being “gypped” or being cheated or swindled originated from the racist slur g*psy so try saying something less fucking racist like “i got ripped off”
  • Basically
  • Stop using that fucking word because it’s racist
  • it’s not up for debate
  • don’t do it
  • ok

What you can call them instead:

  • Roma/Romani (because that is the commonly accepted term to cover all branches and groups of the Romani peoples)
  • If you know that someone falls under the blanket term Roma, ask them what they would preferred to be referred to as because that’s just as fucking important as using the proper pronouns believe it or not


Someone from another minority which is regularly ignored, fetishized, and disrespected through the use of racist terms that people can’t get through their thick fucking skulls

Small note on what’s mentioned regarding “PoC” using the N word; no, if you aren’t Black you shouldn’t be using the N word.

#tmi #gross

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my little brother poured himself an entire bowl of cream

just for some strawberries

im talking “milk you pour into cereal” levels of cream

me: but what has macklemore been doing since he ended homophobia?
erin: finding other things to end like...furry discrimination. that's why they call him furcklemore. or yifflemore.
cis person: why do you have to label everything :( why can't we just all be people :( why do you have to make divides between us :(
cis person: also seriously tho are you a Boy or a Girl




Bottom line: If you oppose raising the minimum wage you’re saying that some people don’t deserve to be able to feed and shelter themselves and you’re trash.

Yet I bet these feminists would have no problem with raising the minimum wage for women only, leaving men unable to feed or shelter themselves. Because feminists are trash.


"ask an mra anything" except nobody asked


i passed biology and got to leave early so now to stop me from being too happy with myself god has given me bad bowels